About Us

Sustainable Property Design

Using techniques that mimic Nature, we create affordable property plans that are functional, regenerative, and self-sustaining.  Native and edible plant species;  sun, shade, and wind harvesting; passive irrigation; and storm water management are all incorporated into our designs. 

View some of our creations here.  

Things We Can Help You With:

    • Arbors & Trellises
    • Balcony & Rooftop Gardens
    • Compost Bins
    • Decks & Fences
    • Edible Landscapes
    • Garden Beds & Raised Garden Beds
    • Garden Maintenance
    • General Lawn Clean-up
    • Patio Containers for Rooftops & Balconies
    • Patios and Walkways
    • Planting & Plant Pruning
    • Ponds and Waterways
    • Retaining Walls and Terraces
    • Setting Up Your Grow Room
    • Sustainable Landscapes
    • Tree Pruning & Removal

We Also Teach:

On site or phone coaching on any of the following:

  • Best planting areas for food crops
  • Building beds & raised beds
  • Composting
  • Creating a sustainable landscape
  • Growing Medicinal Cannabis 
  • Growing your own food
  • Harvesting rain, shade, sun, and wind
  • Lowering your utilities
  • Making your yard more eco-friendly
  • Managing storm water
  • Natural fertilizers
  • Naturally heating or cooling your home
  • Natural prevention of pests and weeds
  • Planning your vegetable garden
  • Preventing drought
  • Preventing flooding
  • Remediating your soil
  • Turning your grass to garden with minimal work

Still not finding what you’re looking for? Please visit our FAQ page, or use our Contact Us page, and we will do our best to answer your questions as efficiently as possible.

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